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Prednisolone Tablets IP 5 mg

Prednisolone Tablets IP  5 mg
Prednisolone Tablets IP 5 mg
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Product Code : 673
Product Description

Prednisolone Tablets IP  5 mg 

Each uncoated tablet contains:

Prednisolone IP      5 mg

Analgesic drugs we are offering formulation of apiacelofenac, paracetamol (acetoaminophen), ibuprofen ,Analgin, Aspirin, Auranofin, Cetrizine, Diclofenac Sodium, Diclofenac potassium, Dihydrocodeine, Etoricoxib, Levocetrizine, Mefenamic Acid, Meloxicam, Methyle Prednisolone, Naproxen Sodium, Nimesulide, Piroxicam,  Serratiopeptidase with diclofenac sodium, Sulindac, Tramadol  etc in different combination & dosage form like tablets ( sugar coated/ enteric coated/ film coated/ extended release/ slow release/ dispersible tablets/ effervescent tablets), capsule, injection, creams, ointment, syrup, ampoule, liquid tonics, powder, sachets, granules, ors powder etc